The Pharmaceutical Industry is a story of unbridled success. Life expectancy has risen dramatically. New life-saving drugs are developed for previously poorly treated cancers, infectious diseases and, even the rarest of tropical diseases.

Nevertheless, the industry has been accused of aggressive marketing tactics and inexcusable opacity with regards to their spending on drug development.
There seems to be a lack of trust through a lack of honest discussion.

But all that is about to change. 

Our members have a background in the research-based pharmaceutical  industry. Our aim is to share insights of our members' work with the public and governments to bridge the lack of trust with transparency and honesty.

We proudly present to you - the Association of Honest Pharmaceutical Representatives (AHPR).

Things will become more transparent soon...

1. Let's be honest: we're in it for the money

Everything good comes at a price. And what is more important than your health? Pharma is an industry like any other, and we need good financial health as well. We should talk about financial health in a more confident way.

2. Let's be honest: we do whatever the system allows

Governments set the rules, we play by them. The current system has been crafted over decades. And hasn't this system made all innovations possible?

3. Let's be honest: we need more information

We need to be transparent about the profits and risks, the costs and the prices of the pharmaceutical industry. Our current system allows neither patients nor politicians nor doctors to make informed decisions. The system needs to work for people, not just for profits! It is our global responsibility!


How honest are you?

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